What to Wear at a Golf Tournament

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When attending a golf tournament, the appropriate attire can be a challenging decision to make. It can be even more difficult for spectators to know what they should wear, with the rules being more clearly laid out for the golfers themselves. Continue reading for our guide on what you should wear at a golf tournament as a spectator in the crowd.

Weather Appropriate

Though usually held during periods of good weather, with shelter available in the form of luxury gazebos, golf tournaments are predominantly held outside, and any spectator’s clothing should be reflective of this. If attending a game in a location known for sudden changes in weather, such as showers of rain, bringing waterproof clothing will be a must. A stylish waterproof jacket can help protect from any downpours, while an umbrella can be a suitable accessory that prepares oneself for the unexpected. Due to the nature of the sport, golfing tournaments will often be postponed should bad weather occur, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared in case it happens unexpectedly before you have a chance to get inside.


Golf is often referred to as being a rich person’s sport, and naturally, an element of sophistication comes with this. As a spectator at a golf tournament, you’ll want to consider the style and fashion of your outfit as much as how practical it is. Dresses are good fashion choices for women who are spectating a golf tournament, coming in a range of styles and being trendy in all seasons. Different types of dresses from NA-KD are available, and they’re sure to have something that’s simply perfect for that tournament you have tickets for at the weekend. As golf is played outdoors and walking long distances can be involved, select footwear that’s appropriate for this task. In the summer months, comfortable sandals can be a good footwear accessory for floral-style dresses. Men will also want to dress smartly when attending a golf tournament, but a more casual approach is often taken at these events. A smart, nicely ironed polo shirt coupled with some chino-style trousers and a pair of brogues is an outfit that will serve any man well at the golf course.

The enjoyable sport of golf often attracts a crowd of spectators when it comes to tournaments, particularly those at the highest levels of professional Golf, such as the US Open. A spectator will typically want to follow a smart-casual dress code while ensuring they’re prepared for any eventuality when it comes to the weather, since golf is played outside, and much walking can be involved when trekking around the course. Consider your outfit for such an event carefully, but most importantly, you should focus on having an enjoyable day at the course.