The Health Benefits and Risks of Golf

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Golf is a sport that many enjoy more for leisure than they do for the health elements and benefits. With that said, many do not realise that golf does have quite a few health benefits. So, while you soak up the sun and enjoy the company of your friends, family or colleagues, you can also do wonders for your health. As with any sport, if you have not or do not golf, be sure to consult with a doctor using livi app and ensure that golfing is something conducive with your health. Here are some of the benefits that you may reap as a result of golfing:

  • Social event; there are benefits for your mental wellbeing and psyche to take a mental break and spend a day, or at the very least, a few hours on the course with friends.
  • Stress reduction; the peace, quiet and calmness of the course allow for the reduction of stress. Not only are you reducing and removing day to day distractions but you are increasing your levels of serotonin and endorphin
  • Physical fitness; the movements associated with swinging the club, walking the course, carrying your bag, etc. can engage your whole body and do wonders for your physical fitness levels.
  • Weight loss; by the time that you have finished 18 holes, you will have walked anywhere between five and six miles and can be better than a session at the gym.
  • Low Impact; this is an excellent way for those who require lower impact sports. If you have joint issues, cardio issues or any other health concerns, this sport is a great way to stay active and keep your physical fitness up.
  • Better sleep; by combining the physical elements, and mental stimulation of golf, you exert more, and more exercise helps you sleep longer and deeper.

There are some potential health risks involved in golfing that one should be wary of, and some main areas of injury to be aware of include wrists, back, shoulders, ankles and neck.

  • Proper technique; if you do not get proper instructions and perfect your technique, you may increase your risk of injury including back pain, elbow issues, shoulder pain and wrist issues.
  • Previous injuries; previous injuries can be triggered or activated when you play golf, depending on the damage, the time spent golfing and the stretching or precautionary measures you take.
  • Insects; wearing bug repellent can prevent stings and bites of bugs.
  • Sun and weather exposure; dress for the weather to ensure that you keep yourself protected. Sunscreen, hats and other protection is essential for your skin and your overall health. If it rains, ensure to bring an umbrella and a jacket to make sure that you do not get sick from the rain or elements.

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