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Like any other game, golf has its own rules that you need to follow if you want to be successful.

1.Never move your ball

Under any circumstances, you should not move your ball unless you are on a putting green. You are expected to play the ball as it lies unless an obstruction such as a beer can interferes with it. If you do not understand what an obstruction is, ask an experienced golfer. When on the putting green, you should mark your ball’s position.

2.Focus on your own ball

When you come across a ball that is not yours, just leave it because it could be for another golfer. You should understand that you are not the only golfer on the course.

3.It is acceptable to play from another hole

When your shot stops in another fairway, you are allowed to play the ball as it is as long as you do not interfere with players using that hole. You should let them play unless they allow you to go first.

4.Take a maximum of five minutes to look for a ball

If you can find a ball after hitting a shot, spend only five minutes looking for it and then play another shot near the last spot you took the other shot.

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