Playing on a Course

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Here’s a rundown of what to keep in mind when playing on a course:

1.Start small

Golf is considered hard because you will not need eight shots to reach the green. You should focus on putting to understand the speed of the greens. Begin with short putts and then take a bigger challenge by increasing distance. To warm up your shoulders, hit a bucket of 20 balls.

2.Start with three holes

Golf is in an endurance sport, unlike other sports and this is due to the fact that you need to build yourself to playing 18 holes. You need to start by playing three holes in the afternoon when there are fewer people in the course and the rates are low. Play until you get frustrated.

3.Look for the right course

To avoid being discouraged before reaching the first green, don’t begin on Bethpage Black. The course should be short, and flat with less forced carriers or hazards. You should not worry about learning in such a course because you will afterward have plenty of time on various tougher layouts.

4.Move on up

Put your ego aside and begin playing from the forwards set of tees. You should consider playing at 5,500 yards or less so as to save you time, golf balls, or frustration. Follow all the signs as posted and follow the cart parts. These ideas will help you avoid being lost which may be embarrassing.

5.Maintain the pace

The best way you can maintain a decent pace is to limit yourself to a particular number of strokes you achieve per home. You need to ensure that you finish 18 holes within four-and-a-half hours as recommended by the golf course.

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