Learning the Course

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Here are five things you need to know when learning the course:

1.Maintain a good pace behind your group

Your speed during the game determines how you endear yourself when it comes to playing partners. This does not mean that you should run to your balls or rush your shots, but it means that you should take no more than two practice swings. Make sure you are ready to hit the golf ball when it comes to your turn. The best way you can monitor your pace is by ensuring you are a half hole behind your group.

2.Wait for your turn

All golfers are not expected to hit at the same time as this will lead to mass confusion, so it is important to know when to go. Most often the person who has the highest scores in the previous hole becomes the first to tees off. After this, the general rule applies where the individual furthest from the hole hits next. Consequently, the group can decide otherwise, for example, it can decide to play “ready gold” meaning that anyone ready should begin. If you are closest to the hole, you should understand that you are responsible for removing the flagstick.

3.Know how to use the term “Fore”

There are high chances that you will use the term “Fore” which means “Watch out!” The term is often used by golfers when they make astray shots that may hit another person within the golf course. Once you noticing that the ball might hit another person, shout it out in order to warn other golfers. It is also important to yell the direction of the ball such as “Fore left!” or “Fore right!”

4.Handle the golf course with care

You should ensure that you keep the golf course good as you found it or even better. As a starter, you should know that it is wrong to pull the carts on the grass. The carts should be left on the cart path to avoid destroying the grass. Most often when shots are made and they hit the ground they leave ball marks on the ground. You should learn how to perfectly fix them by asking the playing partners.

5.Understand where to stand

You may perceive golf as a genteel sport, but you need to understand that blunt objects are used while playing it. Golfers are obsessive about where other people are standing because they do not want them to get hurt. The rule of the game is that other golfers should stand several yards behind the ball. This is because the shots are moving fats and they can go any direction. Also, on the green, make sure you stay away from the sight of the individual putting.

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