Golfing Equipment for Beginners

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If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know that you can carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag. But you don’t need all that when you’re first learning. You may also be fined for carrying more than 14 clubs, especially if it’s a competition. Remember when Ian Woosnam was punished for having 15 clubs in his bag in his at the British Open in 2001? A typical set of gold clubs consists of a putter, wood, and iron, including wedges. The putter is the club you use on the green to attempt to put the golf ball in a hole. Both irons and woods are numbered one to nine. You use the club with the lower number to send the ball far. And you use the one with the higher numbers to make backspins. Such balls don’t go far when they land.

Be sure to go for the necessary clubs, such as the putter, a sand wedge, and a driver. You may want to supplement these clubs with a pitching wedge, a 3-iron, a 6-iron, and an 8-iron. You can find these clubs at a discount when you shop online, or go for used clubs. Choose clubs made for beginners, given that they’re easier to hit than others. These clubs are made in a way that puts more weight on the sole, making it easy to launch shots on a higher trajectory.

Now that you’ve a few clubs in your stock, proceed to buy golf balls. The number of balls you buy depends on the number you lose in a round. You may start with the cheapest balls in the market, let’s say those that cost less than $30 per dozen. This is because you’re likely to lose a few balls as you learn making shots.

Once you acquire the right equipment, choose where you want to play your golf from. Rather than start on a golf course, which is relatively expensive, start on a practicing range. Here, you can stay as long as you want and save money. It’s also safe for everyone else on the course.

Learn how to grip your club properly. Be sure not to swing the club while bending on your knee. Instead, bend from your hips. Ensure that you face the target when swinging, and never stay flat footed after making a pitch.

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