Style for Golfers

  • annn 

For all its mockeries, general golf clothing is probably very parallel with what you wear off the course. From the plus-fours of the pioneers, to the polyester, bell-bottomed of up to mid 70S, through pleated business casual in the 90s, you definitely need to start wearing classic sportswear on the golf course.

Are you ready to tee it up? Then you need not to dress up like you do for running a marathon or going to the space. In point of fact, you need to know that the overall clothing appreciation of golfers, (like any other guy) has clearly improved tenfold! All you need is to try the styles outlined in the section above (how to act like a golfer).

If you cannot wear it off the course, then you cannot certainly wear it. You really need to keep your style street-legal. You really need to do away with the oversize buckles for you to look good. Be sure to choose some slim, flattery buckles that make you feel more comfortable. Put simply, go for something that’s fitting. Ultimately, getting yourself the self-collar polo shirt is quite something.

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