Golf Terms for Beginners

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This beginner’s guide to golf would be incomplete without defining golfing terms that every golf player and fanatic should be aware of.

  • Golf tee- the wooden peg you place your ball on.
  • Stroke- the swing you make when you want to hit the ball.
  • Par- the number of strokes it takes to get your golf ball into the hall.
  • Bogey- one stroke above the par
  • Birdie- one stroke under par
  • Eagle- two strokes under par
  • Green- the soft and plush ground that surrounds the golf hole.
  • Fairway- part of the course that leads to the green.
  • Hazard- anything that hinders your from successfully getting your golf ball into the hall and includes streams, trees, ponds, and bunkers.

Do you want to know how far you can hit a golf club? Then have a range routine where you start with short and half swings to train your golf muscles. And increase the speed and length of your swings slowly. With time, you’ll start ripping drivers as you want. To consider yourself a pro in this game, you need to be able to hit balls into their respective halls in as few strokes as possible. The number of strokes you hit per match is called stroke play.

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