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One important thing you need to know is to how you should carry yourself when playing golf or when you’re around the golf course. As with the golf rules, there is way too much to fill your book. Be informed that etiquette and rules are basically the epicenter of golf as a game. In fact, most common golfing etiquette point out the issue of slow-playing, which is the most common complaint heard from golfers.

Etiquette differentiates the pros from the amateurs. Suppose every golf player practiced good etiquette during their golf course, slow playing would be easily done away with right? Generally, etiquette is that simple thing you are expected to do or not totally attempt to do. The most considerate thing to do is to switch off your cellular phones, pagers, or beepers. You got to keep the game moving. By this it means you need to arrive on the golf course quite on time. In fact, it would be very considerate for you to notify the starter if in case you would arrive late for the game.

By the fact that locker rooms are available in most golf clubs, you’re advised to change any of your clothes, shoes along with any item in the locker rooms and not in the golf course as this would distract a lot of your colleague players. As such, in the midst of new playing partners, it’s your obligation to step up and appropriately introduce yourself to them. Additionally, the etiquette of not walking in another player’s line in the event of putting on green remains absolute even when your shoes are spike less. All you need to do is know where to stand and do the right thing at the right time, and also note that all these etiquette are learnt by observing and having a considerate heart.