Basic Shots You Should Know

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Missing the green is a common thing to all golfers. A short shot to the green means that one can either hit the pitch or chip. Chipping is when you want the shot to stay low and the ball runs along the ground while pitching is when the ball flies higher and does not roll much. Therefore, use pitching when you want to carry the ball over an obstacle and you want it to stop faster. For a successful pitch, you need to allow your body to rotate as you accelerate through the hit. You concentrate most of your weight over the left knee and keeping it flexed.

Beat the Tough Bunker

When you come across wet sand you need to engage in a greenside bunker shot where you don’t hit the ball directly, but you hit the sand behind the ball pushing the ball out. For this reason, you need to exert more force. A simple technique to get out of a bunker is focusing on a spot immediately behind the ball, twist your feet in to obtain stability, and then make an aggressive swing and hit your focused spot. This will pop the ball up onto the green.

Against the Collar

In case of a shot up against the collar, you should move the ball back and then make a low swinging stroke. You should not lift the club much higher from the ground. You need to keep the club as low as possible as you hit the ball. Make sure that the club head is as a low when making the stroke. You also need to align your body open with the face of the wedge aimed at your target as it will help you make a smoother, lower stroke.

Using the Big Dog

Most people believe that the driver is hard to handle. In your bag, the driver is the longest and its head is gigantic. You should understand that the driver helps in reducing the mis-hits that you experience when using other clubs. When using the driver, the ball should be raised higher and nicely. Then move the driver back and make a full body turn to a point where your back faces the target. Finally, make a swing through the ball and hold your finish.

Chipping from the Rough

It is always hard to hit delicate chips from the rough. Hitting crisp chips is just like hitting pitches. To make a successive hit you need to start by keeping your left knee flexible and put most of your weight on that left knee. You need to put much of your concentration on the back of the left hand while facing the target. You should ensure that your left hand is above the right hand when hitting the chip. There should not be a big release at this point because you would do a full swing. You need to hold the left wrist firm and then rotate your body over the left knee.

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